It is frequently argued that games are supposed to be fun.

[Context: I presented this text at «the hour of the rant» during Knutpunkt 2014. It consists of verbatim quotes from the Knutpunkt book «The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp».]

I do not usually drink alcohol on a Tuesday afternoon or a Wednesday morning, dance sexily in a Spider-Man costume while singing karaoke, or travel without a cell phone and computer, but on this cruise, I probably would.

For what is live action role-playing if not a constant construction of alternative structures of being alive as a humanoid creature?

It is frequently argued that games are supposed to be fun.

Whether this means that it is acceptable for the participant to have intercourse as a character or the belief that a participant can in fact have intercourse completely in character are the main themes of discussion in this school.

There is limited research on these kinds of games and experiences.

Searle argues that social reality is constructed through constitutive rules. Constitutive rules are not rules in the traditional sense — they are not directives on how one should behave in a given situation and they cannot be broken in the traditional sense. Rather, constitutive rules are social structures we use to establish social institutions.

The majority of players, I must add, did probably not even see anyone in the nude.

If the game-makers succeed in presenting the player with a reality they can find plausible, then the world is the world is the world, enabling an experience that does not perceptually come across as fictional.

In Luminescence, possibly the most symbolic larp of all time, the terminal patients were placed in an abstractly lit room on a tonne of white flour – and the players instructed to treat this fact as both literal and entirely expected.

Role-players are slowly deconstructing the wall between reality and game, letting larp become “radiant” instead of a closed space for play (no matter if that play is political or escapistic).

Grown men skating as fast as they can to move a piece of plastic to a specific area. Seems pointless, yet it is immensely popular.

It is entirely possible, even easy, to see “objective reality” as a role-playing game. Making the games more complex and less abstract has made gaming reality stronger and more fulfilling. The next logical step is to lose the barrier separating games and reality once and for all.

Even if this means I have to spend the entire game alone in a closet without anyone ever finding out.


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