Games you can play with social media

goldenI’m not thinking here of apps or hangouts. I mean text/layout/image-based stuff.

Cryptic Profile Image Rebus
Yesterday, I changed my profile photo on FB (because I’d been using me friend’s profile photo without his permission for a day or so, and I thought it might be weird or creepy to continue doing that. It was as sort of a joke. Or a game. Enough about that). I didn’t have a recent selfie I was happy with, but some stray thought led me to use a simple golden apple I found on Google Images. In my head, it was an obvious reference to Greek mythology and Discordinanism, but I didn’t know how many would catch that. It was fun to see people who were «in on the joke» comment («fnord», «Kallisti», «something in Greek» etc). Another girl told me to «go to bed», but that was because of another game we were playing that evening, that started in the comments under a friend’s posts.

Once I asked people to give me some kind of adjective or person to portray, and I’d do a series of selfies in the comments section where I try to have my face «portray» those words/emotions. That was kind of fun. I did a similar ask-me-to-draw-stuff recently. AMA could be another variety. You could also do those with specific themes. Another FB friend had a nice thing with «let me give you a compliment» last year, that really spread around (I think she came up with it).

Surreal status updates
For a while last year, I think it was, people in my feed would write something weird about not believing anyone read their posts and writhing on the living room floor in a sleeping bag or something. I enjoyed those status updates. I could immediately tell it was a game, but I didn’t know what it was about. So it was kind of a mystery too. I eventually googled it, and found it was some European(?) politician(?) who had started it as some kind of awareness-raising campaign for breast cancer(?) or another good cause. If you commented on one of the posts or PMed the poster, they would tell you about the good cause and that now you had to post some similar weirdness. I didn’t like that aspect of it, because I don’t like being told what to do and would rather have important information communicated to me in a direct, accessible manner. Also, the fact that I’m not exactly sure what it was about today makes me doubt the effectiveness of this way of «raising awareness». But I enjoyed the posts before I got to know the answer. Game.

"Let's fill Facebook with sexual-satanic imagery. I received "Baphomet eating out a nun" from A*** M***, and challenge S*** E*** to post an image of "the witches' sabbath"."

«Let’s fill Facebook with sexual-satanic imagery. I received «Baphomet eating out a nun» from A*** M***, and challenge S*** E*** to post an image of «the witches’ sabbath».»

Annoying chain-letter
There are also the «Let’s fill Facebook with art/comics/cheese/whatever» things that sometime happen. They easily get to be too much for me, because when everyone is doing more or less the same thing, it soon amounts to spam. We have them on G+, too, with the hashtag-something, but so far I mostly enjoy those. Smaller and more theme focused community there (for me, at least).

«This is your team»
And the one were you write some kind of list (like «This is your D&D adventure party»), and a description of each person, and then the reader will fill in with semi-random people from their «recent friends box» or something. Those can get a bit spammy, too. But they’re fast and fun to write, as I tested with the theme «supervillains» earlier this spring (see below).

I’ve sometimes tried running something a bit similar to text-based roleplaying games in the comments section. But the intitial post has to have very simple and very clear rules for it not to descend into complete chaos after a short while. And depending on the rules, you may or may not have to set aside the time to be present for the game.

Supervillains team
I wrote this annoying-but-sort-of-fun style game for Facebook:

You’re the leader of a team of super-villains.

To find out who’s on your team, check the people in your “friends-box” to the left on your profile page.

From left to right:

1) The mutant with a grudge against humanity:
2) The cosmic trickster demigod:
3) The vengeful android:
4) The shape changer from a parallel dimension:
5) The symbiotic costume from an alien planet:
6) The despotic wizard-ruler of a fictional Eastern European nation:
7) The radioactive genius:
8) The half-man, half-beast creature:
9) Your even more evil twin:

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