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2013-07-12 12.03.25 (2)This is a list of all the games I’ve made I could think of, including links where available. Some are long, most are very short. Many are playable, some less so. Hope you’ll see something of interest. In English unless I specify it’s in Norwegian.

Not Chaos Magic (Really!), 2015
My contribution for David Schirduan’s 200 Word RPG contest. I see some clear thematic links with entries further down on this list. I’m actually quite happy with the text. I don’t know if it’s REALLY A GAME, but it sure is about some subjects I’ve been thinking about a lot for the past decade+.

Øyet (Norwegian), 2015
A one page collaborative storytelling game commissioned by the Norwegian National Museum of Art for an exhibit they had about juxtaposing scenes from the Lord of the Rings movies with 19th century illustrations of the Norse sagas.

Me& Matthijs' children's book on role-playing includes some rudimentary rules to get started with.

Me & Matthijs’ children’s book on role-playing includes some rudimentary rules to get started with.

Rollespill (Norwegian), 2014
A children’s factbook about role-playing games, published by Cappelen Damm. Includes some simple rules designed by my co-author Matthijs Holter.

The Hirelings, 2013
Published in Larps from the Factory, an anthology of Norwegian short larp scripts. The Hirelings is a D&D-themed comedy, utilizing a lot of techniques and exercises similar to theatersports and improv. With Håken Lid.


2013-09-21 09.06.45 (2)Fiction – a flexible freeform framework, 2013
With Elin Nilsen. Fiction is designed to provide a framework and some guidelines for both inexperienced and experienced players to lean on when improvising a game from scratch.

Small talk the RPG, 2013
Is it a game? Is it a blog post? Maybe it’s just common sense?

Dagsrevyen (Norwegian), 2009
You’re newsmen in Norway in the 60s, and all the news are very strange. A very rough outline of a game. I actually still think the core idea is sound, but don’t really believe in the game as it stands. Can’t even recall if I ever playtested it.

Itras By, 2008
Itras By is a surreal role-playing game by Martin Bull Gudmundsen and I, with the kind assistance of several friends. We started working on it in 2001, so it only took us seven years to finish. Unlike most of the games on this list, it’s a complete role-playing game book. It’s been translated to Finnish and English, with French, German and Catalan editions to follow (or so I’m told).

2012-02-28 18.57.44 (2)[…]

Impressionist roleplaying, 2006
Some notes I made after running a brief improvised session at the small gaming festival HolmCon. Not exactly a game, more an outline of some GM techniques and philosophy for a certain style of play.

Grab Life by the Balls, 2006
More existentialist drivel, probably written in a state of hypomania. It was fun and weird to see this again, especially including the translated forum comments. I’d forgotten about Skjalg’s translation. Thanks, man!

Legio (Norwegian), 2004
A playful meditation over personality and character traits, inspired by chaos magic. I seem to have returned to these topics over and over again.


Matthijs was the editor of Imagonem, and I think here I finally see the thematic link between all these games: I made them to impress Matthijs! (He was actually quite impressed by Itras By. Then again, he contributed setting material and designed half the system).


That’s what I could come up with and find online this evening. I may have forgotten something. At least one game I know of, we took offline. There may be some sketches on forums or social media that I’ve forgotten.

A lot of what I’ve written in relation to role-playing games these past 20 years has also been more in the form of advice, reviews, interviews, blog post doodling and stuff like that, sometimes with a touch of journalism. But not game design as such.

Dette innlegget ble publisert i freeform, Itras By, Rollespill, spilldesign og merket med . Bokmerk permalenken.

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