Sources for Public Domain/Creative Commons images

Photo: Giulio Zannol (Creative Commons/Flickr)

Photo: Giulio Zannol (Creative Commons/Flickr)

Useful for games, blog posts, articles etc:

Flickr lets you search specifically for Creative Commons-material, mostly photos.

Wikimedia Commons has a huge repository, a lot of which is historical.

Wikimedia also has category-specific lists of Public Domain image databases, like art and history.

Old Book Illustrations

Internet Archive Book Images, huge volume of book illustrations in the Public Domain.

DeviantArt: Do a site-specific search on Google Image Search. E.g: «owlbear»

Select Search Tools -> Usage rights. Select, for instance, «Labeled for noncommercial reuse». (Still turns up a lot of irrelevant results, but I guess it’s better than nothing). has a bunch of links to free/open licensed artwork.

Stock photos that doesn’t suck

Free photography, UX photo resources and Image Search

Icon-style art from or from

Thanks: Yanni C, Nick W. 

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