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Fastaval: Some games I played and didn’t

Short summary of games I played (and prepared for but didn’t play) at Fastaval 2016. Les videre

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The Night Shift

Larp review: Before We Wake.

Dreams have been a lifelong source of fascination for me. I like the quirky, personal symbols dreams generate, and the strange stories they tell. So I was excited to take part in Before We Wake, a larp designed with the aim of exploring the players’ own dreams. Les videre

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Sources for Public Domain/Creative Commons images

Useful for games, blog posts, articles etc: Flickr lets you search specifically for Creative Commons-material, mostly photos. Wikimedia Commons has a huge repository, a lot of which is historical. Wikimedia also has category-specific lists of Public Domain image databases, like art and … Les videre

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My games

This is a list of all the games I’ve made I could think of, including links where available. Some are long, most are very short. Many are playable, some less so. Hope you’ll see something of interest. In English unless I specify it’s … Les videre

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