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«Does it feel like you are thinking faster?» I’ve prepared the ritual space, I guess you could say. If you’re inclined to think that way. Nothing out of the ordinary. Cleaned the living-room table of some dirty dishes and shit. … Les videre

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Fastaval: Some games I played and didn’t

Short summary of games I played (and prepared for but didn’t play) at Fastaval 2016. Les videre

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Red October (larp, Norway 2011)

The moment I realized I didn’t belong in a communist party was, for some reason, as a 17-year old, at the conference «Socialism from Below» in Oslo… Les videre

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Not the Travelling Circus Manifesto

The Circus will change with every show, in every new location it appears. Will there be boffer weapons? Will there be a black box? Will there be formalized rules? Will there be an attempt to create a 360 degree illusion, … Les videre

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The Minotaur instinct in me

[Written in the context of a G+ discussion about the role-playing game The Clay That Woke. Re-posted here for easier sharing.] If I were an animal, I think I’d be a squirrel. On a good day, maybe I’d feel like … Les videre

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7 Camping Concepts

Alpha Male Camping A camping concept for alpha males, AND anyone who identifies as an alpha male. Activities include (and are limited to): – Eyeing – Drinking – Pissing contest – Drinking – Bromance – Drinking – Circle jerk (OR … Les videre

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An Over the Edge tribute


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– Laiv kan forandre verden

Imagonem har møtt Norges nye utviklingsminister Heikki Holmås, tidligere norgesmester i D&D og ihuga brettspillentusiast. Intervjuet kan leses her.

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En post til bruttern (du ække aleine)

John Cooper Clarke Evidently Chickentown the bloody cops are bloody keen to bloody keep it bloody clean the bloody chief’s a bloody swine who bloody draws a bloody line at bloody fun and bloody games the bloody kids he bloody … Les videre

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